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It molds most of us, it helps many of us grow, it decides our life course and it even defines each of us as a unique individual. Religion. Scoring high as one of the most controversial topics to date, Religion and the varying religious views of the world make for many of the headlines we see today. According to PhilosophyNews, “The meaning of the term ‘religion’ has been hotly debated for centuries by theologians, philosophers, politicians, and even scientists”. A true definition of religion will never come about because there are too many opposing views and clear consensus is clearly impossible to reach.

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But why is religion such a hot topic? For one, leaders and members of different establishments are stubborn when it comes to their views. As normal human beings, we believe everything we do individually is right. Our “hard head” does not understand why or how something that seems so commonsense to us could confuse another. We want to believe all of us think the same, but in reality, we don’t! Some people grow up in a certain denomination; others adapt religions as they grow into adulthood. Everyone is different and that is exactly why we butt heads! The act of arguing about religion stems from two basic facts: 1) people argue when they are afraid that they could be wrong and 2) people become defensive when they believe their “intellect” is being challenged.

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According to UnderGod, 85% of Americans are classified as “religious”, meanwhile 15% are considered “unreligious” (atheists, etc.). Of the 85% that are religious, 95% are Christian, 1.7% are Jewish, .661% are Muslim, .648% are Buddhist and the list goes on and on. Needless to say, there is plenty of room for opposing views when it comes to religion. We will never agree, and that is why we continue to argue and defend what we believe with others!

words by : India Lee

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