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Mo’Nique is “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” baby, and everyone needs to know it! Mo’Nique was on Hot 97 this morning and spoke to the crew about her weight loss and her journey to get down to where she is now! She has been on a 3 year path of weight loss success.

Says Mo’Nique of not being able to go back to eating certain foods;

“I was a food junkie.”

That is real! Anyone who has ever tried to lose even a small amount of weight, can understand that statement in a really profound way. The only difference in the addictions between someone addicted to drugs and alcohol and someone addicted to food is that you do not have to continue to put drugs and alcohol in to your system to live. But with food, you have no choice but to continue to eat. If food is your addiction, then it feels like walking on a tight rope, every single day and it’s so hard not to fall privately, let alone publicly. You just never know what “good for you” food may trigger the things your addicted to. The cycle can be vicious.

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Good for Mo for doing something amazing for her children, her husband and most importantly, for herself. We see you lady! Best Wishes to her!


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