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It is very important for us to keep our brain healthy because not only is it just for thinking, it controls everything we do.

Research reveals that we can keep our mind just as sharp as our age by the following ways:

Move to Remember More– A year of regular aerobic exercise can increase your memory!

Eat for Better Brain Function-Each food rich in omega-3 fatty acid!

Challenge Yourself-Do thing that force you to think! Use it, or you’ll lose it.

Ward off Depression– Chemical imbalance in the brain can lead to mood disorders. Exercise is a good remedy which helps balance the chemicals in the brain.

Strength Train– To boost our short and long term memory performance we need strength training for 60 minutes, three times a week for 6 months!

Pump Up The Music-Listening to music at work can help you stay alert and focused; just keep the music light. Songs with simple structures or a repetitive nature keep you focused on the task at hand

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Source: ABC News and Men’s Health Magazine

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