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elements of inspiration

5 Days of the Elements of Inspiration

Every moment in Life we all need to be inspired, motivated and encouraged so that we can be better and do Better. GOD wants his children to be prosperous. GOD didn’t create us to live a life of Gloom and doom. GOD gave us life to live and enjoy and have fun through what he has created. Now, there will be days we will all need a little pick me up.. So here is a little pick me up.

Day1: Long ago you were lost that was then NOW GOD HAS WELCOMED YOU HOME.

Day2: GODs love for you will never fadeaway.

Day3: What we want to do and what we need to do must be in line with GODs purpose so we can truly succeed.

Day4: GOD will keep you out of it if you don’t want to be in it!

Day5: Be honest with yourself.. Are they the friends GOD wants for you?

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