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Jada Pinkett Smith has found herself addressing open-marriage rumors again.

The actress, 41, doesn’t like to bring attention to her relationship with husband Will Smith, 44, but on Sunday, she posted a long message on herFacebook page in response to reports after she gave an interview to HuffPost Live days ago. Some seemed to take her words as describing an open marriage.

She starts off pointing out that there are more important topics to discuss:

Let me first say this, there are far more important things to talk about in regards to what is happening in the world than whether I have an open marriage or not. I am addressing this issue because a very important subject has been born from discussions about my statement that may be worthy of addressing.

She continues:

The statement I made in regard to “Will can do whatever he wants” has illuminated the need to discuss the relationship between trust and love and how they co-exist.

And then she poses questions revolving around relationships and ownership and whether love equals control. She also asks, “What of trust and love?”

Finally, she ends her post with this paragraph:

Here is how I will change my statement…Will and I BOTH can do WHATEVER we want, because we TRUST each other to do so. This does NOT mean we have an open relationship…this means we have a GROWN one.

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