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In life we find in others as well as ourselves so many hang ups based on issues of the past. Some of us can’t seem to move forward because of it. We allow the days of yesterday’s sin to hold us back and hold us Down to the point that were killing our true purpose to live the abundant life. The word of GOD is clear ” for all have sin and fall short of the Glory of GOD” ( Romans 3:23 ).

We fall short of the Glory of GOD, however if we are willing to do what is right because it is Biblically Right GOD will use us.

For GOD to use us we need to learn to forgive ourselves and learn to be more focused on the things of GOD and less about people who have things to say about what we use to do or what we use to be. There is an Inspirational Artist by the name of Dwayne Woods he recorded a powerful song that will truly bless you called LET GO. We need to let go of the Past sins Past Mistakes Past issues past pain past hurts and past failures! We need to truly need to Let Go and understand that GOD loves us and Still wants to use us.

Now matter what you’ve been through or what you were or what you’ve done you still belong to GOD! And GOD want to Still use you!! Amen!!

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