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I came across this article about R&B singer, Toni Braxton, who actually charges her young sons rent; in order to help them learn how to budget for their future. Braxton says that she gives them an allowance for their chores. Her 11-year-old son gets $15 per week and her 9-year-old son gets $10 per week! She charges them for things like rent, utilities and cable; which totals about $3 per week from their allowances and they get upset about. Braxton says she’s training her sons for the real world.

Meanwhile, Toni Braxton recently teamed up with the Lifetime network in the Christian Romance movie Twist of Faith which premiered Saturday, February 9 at 8 pm on Lifetime. Braxton’s 9-year-old son also had a small role in his first movie role. I guess so since he’s had to pay rent!



Source: Getty Images and Hello Beautiful

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