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Apparently not enough of you all out there are buying  book about Whitney Houston, so he has released another excerpt in order to entice you to stop playing and add his literary work to your Kindle, iPad, or I don’t know, hands. Whatever, the excerpt has BeBe saying “Don’t Blame Bobby Brown” for Whitney’s problems. Yeah, that’s a familiar story arc, but look, he knew them so run with it, okay?

Here goes the excerpt courtesy of Rhymes With Snitch:

“Whitney never blamed Bobby for her troubles. Neither should we. I know Bobby. I knew him even before he and Whitney began seeing each other. Like any big brother, I had my concerns about the two of them together.”

“You don’t want just anyone to take your sister in marriage. You set high, high, high expectations. The bar sits in the stratosphere regarding who you’re willing to let through the gate. Several of us close to Whitney felt the same way; this was no secret. “But it’s also unfair and inaccurate for anyone to claim that Bobby ruined Whitney the moment they started hanging out…”

“My words here are not meant to diminish Bobby in any way. I simply thought that he and Whitney were unequally yoked. I felt they would be great as friends, but not as husband and wife. Whitney knew I didn’t approve of their relationship early on.”

Are you pulling out your wallet to order?


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