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At 3:15 eastern standard time President Barack Obama took the podium at the White house to address the nation on today’s most recent tragedy. A man walked into an Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut and opened fire, killing 18 children (between the ages of 5 – 10 ) and  8 adults. Obama addressed the nation for a call to action, for something to be done,to stop these senseless acts of violence. He addressed us with compassion and care, relating to the families of those who lost someone in this tragic shooting. Although very compassionate, the President’s speech seemed all to familiar. As he spoke I felt a since of “deja vu,”   it took me back to the day a man walked into a movie theater in Colorado and opened fire on innocent bystanders, taking 12  lives and forever changing the small town of Aura, Colorado .

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Random acts of gun violence are becoming all to familiar in our society , just last week a man opened fire in shopping mall because he got let go from his job, lives were lost, but society just went on. What will be different after the outcries and pain from this most recent tragedy subside and are unconscionably forgotten?  If you are thinking “we won’t forget , “we will.” Maybe not “you” or your neighbor  personally  but we as a people, us as a society WILL forget. Do you remember Columbine? Of course you remember it happening but what have we done as a society to truly remember it ? To truly remember we must wear the scars and bandage it with change. If you do nothing is that not as bad as forgetting ?

Will action be taken? Will laws change? … Only time will tell …

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