Roderick “R.J.” Arrington was allegedly beaten to death by his mother and stepdad because he failed to read his Bible and finish his homework. Parents Markiece Palmer, 34, and Dina Palmer,27, are facing murder charges along with counts of child abuse and neglect for the late November beating death, reports the Daily Mail.

According to an arrest report that was released Monday, Arrington, a second grader, had recently relocated from Illinois to Las Vegas about three months ago; he had been living with his biological father and grandmother. The child went to live with his mother, Dina, and her new husband of only five months. It was the first time Arrington was meeting his stepdad.

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Markiece told police that he only spanked Arrington twice, the first time for lying and the second time on that fateful day. The stepfather told police investigators that Arrington had allegedly told him that he hated him and had also informed him that he was not his father. However after further questioning, police uncovered the truth from Markiece that he had actually hit the child several times and had used items such as a belt, spatula, wooden paddle and his hands.

The mother also admitted to investigators that she had been present and actually participated in each beating as well.

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