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by James Harvey

What are Christian teens’ view regarding sexual relations before marriage? Over the years there has been ongoing discussions regarding this matter in different denominations. Some of these discussions have even become heated. Some professed Christian religions have taken a somewhat “tolerant” postion, arguing that it is good for young persons to date, experiment with sexual matters to see what ‘it is like’, reasoning that sooner or later they are going to discover sex anyway.

Some religions that claim to be Christian have not given their young people a clear-cut and straightfoward view on sexual relationships. And some young people have independently decided to take matters into their own hands, experimenting sexual relations themselves, in many cases with disastrous results.

Others contend that it is not morally right for inexperienced youths to engage in sexual matters until they are old enough to seriously consider all that is involved in marital relationships. Some parents who have permitted their teenage children to date have let them do so provided that they are accompanied by a chaperone.

The question is, what has proven to be correct based on the overwhelming evidence of young people throughout the course of time? No doubt, sincere young Christians would want to consider “what is acceptable to the Lord”. (Eph.5:10) What is the Creator of sex views toward premarital sex, whether the person is young or older?

From the very start, the Holy Scriptures make it very clear that sex is a gift from our loving creator, Jehovah God; it is not something to experiment with, or “play with” like a toy, that it is for mature adults, who are old enough to be married, not teenagers, who are still in the developmental processes of growing up, both physically and emotionally. (Gen.2:24;Prov.5:15-20,1Cor.7: 36) Nowhere in the Bible does it encourage dating, as dating was not a custom in Bible times.

Back then, as is true even today in Middle-Eastern culture, prospective marriage mates were chosen by their parents, not by the children themselves, even though the consent of both parties was sometimes sought (Gen,24:8). The intial steps of proposals was made by parents of the young man, especially by the father, who was the patriarch of the family. ( Jos.15:16,17; 1Samuel 18:20-27) And the children were usually mature adults, old enough to serious consider being married. (Gen.25:20)

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