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 Today’s Daily Faith-Lift ™ is designed to remind you that God is Pro! When we hear the word “pro” we think of a pro-athlete, right? Or when we hear the prefix “pro” used, it leads to something great like professional, professor, producer; so and so forth.

When I think of the word “pro” or the prefix “pro”, I think of the “Pro” in my life and that’s God.

God is our Pro-vider! He is our Source that provides all of our needs! He is our

Source; everything else is our resource.

God is our Pro-tector- He protects us from our enemies and from ourselves!

God is our Pro-fessor- He is our highest ranking teacher of life!

God is our Pro-jector- He displays His image through His Son Jesus Christ each and every day.

God is our Pro-moter- He promotes us for His glory; so what’s for you is for you and what’s for me is for me.

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God is Pro-active-He’s actively preparing us for eternal life through His Son

Jesus Christ.

God is Pro-gressive- He keeps moving forward.

God is our Pro-grammer- He can renew our minds. He can reprogram us! Only if we allow Him to do so!

God is Pro-Found-He comes from the greatest dept. Nobody on earth can be found

to be just like Him.

God is our Pro-tractor. He measures every angle of your life; and stills loves all sides of you.

God is a Pro-fessional- He’s perfect in every way, every day.

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