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First lady Michelle Obama has become a social media maven, and she’s using these platforms to pay tribute to the two favorite dads who shaped her life: her own father, Fraser Robinson, and her husband, President Barack Obama.

Michelle Obama honors her favorite dads for Fathers Day by launching a Pinterest page filled with rare photos of things such as: the first daughters strolling arm-in-arm with their father down the West Wing Colonnade; a Robinson family portrait featuring a baby FLOTUS; and the president cheering Sasha on from the bleachers at one of her basketball games.

Michelle Obama already owns a formidable Facebook page and she has recently surpassed the million mark in followers on. And now through Pinterest, she is able to further advance issues of concern while celebrating her two favorite fathers. The account is run by the Obama re-election campaign but is also features personal photos captioned by the first lady herself, kicked off with Father’s Day in mind.

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