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*A report released in 2009 detailed how minority women account for almost 50 percent of women in jail.

The numbers showed that combined black women (45) and Hispanic women (16) accounted for 48 percent of women in jail.

Black women were also incarcerated at a rate increase of 828 percent over a five year period.

Here is an excerpt from a piece written by NewsOne columnist D.L. Chandler focusing on the topic.

Black Mothers have been unfairly treated in the court of law, with judges handing down sentences for charges that normally wouldn’t garner prison time. Homeless Ohio Mother Kelley Williams-Bolar was made an example of after being sentenced for 10 days in jail and three years’ probation, when she was caught sending her kids to a different school district outside her zoning area. Additionally, first-time drug offenders, such as Mother of four Tonya Drake, who was given 10 years of prison time for her role in attempting to mail 232 grams of crack cocaine

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