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In an article found on Christianity Today, Tanya Luhrmann makes a claim that women hear God more than men do, but is this truth? Are women more likely to hear the word of god? It is statistically proven that women pray more than men. The 2008 Pew U.S. Religious Landscape Survey found that two-thirds of all women surveyed pray daily, while less than half of all men surveyed do. Some believe women tend to me more conservative than men, therefore pray more.

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Luhrmann believes women pray more because women are more comfortable with their imaginations, and in order to pray, you need to use your imagination, but yet is that enough to prove women hear god more than men?

She believes men of our time are less comfortable with their imaginations than women are.

Early on, when I noticed these differences between those who heard God easily and those who did not, I began to interview people carefully about their experience of God and of prayer. I also gave them a psychological scale for “absorption,” which measures a person’s capacity and interest in being caught up in the imagination. Those who experienced God more intimately and interactively were more likely to score more highly on absorption. They were also more likely to be women. On average, whether you look at Christians or at secular undergraduates, women score more highly on the absorption scale than men. My research suggests that this affects their ability to experience God intimately in prayer.

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