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Air France denied media reports on Wednesday that claimed the company was planning to institute mandatory charges for overweight passengers.

Reports surfaced Tuesday, stating the airline would begin charging obese passengers 75 percent of the cost of an adjoining seat, in addition to their original seat, if they were deemed too large to fit in one allotted space.

London’s Daily Mail quoted Air France spokeswoman, Monique Matze, as saying “People who arrive at the check-in desk and are deemed too large to fit into a single seat will be asked to pay for and use a second seat.” Matze continued on to say that the measure was introduced for “safety reasons,” such as making sure each passenger had a seatbelt that fit properly.

“Contrary to reports in the press this morning, Air France is not planning to force corpulent passengers to pay for a second seat,” the airline said in an official press release on Wednesday.

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