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On Sunday, YouTube sensation Jesse Young from Chattanooga, TN. performed Marvin Sapp’s song “Never Would Have Made It” with Pastor Marvin Sapp at Pastor Sapp’s Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, MI.

The visit and performance was arranged by the nationally syndicated news-magazine TV show “Inside Edition.”

Young’s version of “Never Would Have Made It” went viral online in December. After Pastor Sapp saw it, he sent the link to his hundreds of thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers.

Pastor Sapp told his congregation Sunday that, “As much as that song has given me the opportunity to minister, it’s also an opportunity to be ministered to.” This was also a birthday present for Pastor Marvin Sapp who turned forty-five Saturday.

Jesse Young, who is thirty-five-years-old, told the congregation,“If you ask me if this is a dream come true, I say this is a wonderful man (Sapp) who has inspired me because I know what he’s gone through.”

Young’s own life reflects the need for the song’s uplifting message of relying on God’s help in overcoming life’s troubles. Young told church members he was raised in group homes and was a survivor of molestation. His mother suffered a stroke last fall, and days later four gunshots were fired into their home.

Producer Christopher Dukas of “Inside Edition” said the program discovered Young from the video; and said the segment will likely air on the program in the next week or two.

See Jesse Young’s YouTube video of him singing Pastor Marvin Sapp’s song, “Never Would Have Made It” below:


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