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We have so many distractions in our daily lives. However, it is important for us not to be thrown off God’s Will for our lives by weapons of these mass distractions! We must keep it moving!

My pastor blessed me and helped me to understand this better last Sunday when he gave us a lesson in “Dog Theology.” Growing up in his neighborhood and mine too, we were reminded that a stray dog often barks at or chases after a moving car. However, we never saw a stray dog chase a parked car or bark at a parked car.

This same thing applies to our lives. We must keep it moving no matter who’s barking at us or who’s chasing us! Just keep it moving!

I now understand that when the attacks come up against me, it’s because I’m “on the move for God.” If I wasn’t, then I must be “parked out of the Will of God.” 

Source: The Wings Of Inspiration


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