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Lets go back in time were in South Jersey when I lived in a place called Willingboro and there I lived in a section called Penny Packer Park. When I think back I remember playing in the woods with my friends and cousins. Having crabapple fights in the summer and snowball fights and making angels in the snow in the winter. Even though I grew up without allot of things I was never without love from mother and sisters.

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I say all that to say this… as a child we learn from what’s around us and we remember what we experience. There are events that shape how we will live the rest of our lives. One event I will never for get in back in the summer of 1979. I was invited to go to a bible study for children. Honestly I wasn’t all that interested until someone said they’re going to have snacks there also. Hum, to be very honest, we were on the poor side, so that deal sounded much better to me.  

I met this woman whom I will never forget (Mrs. Newman). She share a Bible story and I actually enjoyed the story she told and when the story was over she share this scripture JOHN 3:16.  She explain about the love of GOD and how much GOD cared for me and how much he loved me she explained to me  I was his child and GOD will take care of me always. That moment she introduced me to Jesus and my life has never been the same. 

What’s Interesting about this story is Mrs. Newman said to me “Marcus I’m Going to write your name in my Bible that marks the day you asked Jesus into your life and when you become a man you can come back anytime to see I still have this Bible to remind you of this day”. Sure enough I came back to visit her from New York  some 20 years later and there was my name marking the day of my salvation!

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