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The world we live in is filled with activities and so much more to be apart of. With all that is going on around us its really kind of hard for some people understand that there are many of lonely people out here. We hear lots of recording artists singing about being alone and not wanting to be alone.

One artist comes to mind former member of the GAP Band Uncle Charlie Wilson. They recorded a song called Lonely like Me. The song is a clear description of a person that feels the loneliness of another person and expresses the fact if we put our loneliness together we wont have to be alone anymore we can be together as one. Interesting song and concept.

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Some of us must realize that we become lonely because of how we are and how we treat others. We push people away and some times we don’t understand what happened until we find ourselves all alone facing loneliness. Now there will be periods of time when we all will face being alone so it’s important to take advantage of that time and spend it with connecting with GOD.

The Truth of the matter is this we are never truly alone if we remember what Jesus said in John Chapter 14:16-18 The Promise of the Comforter and he would not leave us as orphans. It’s interesting how the word of God use the word orphans rather than being alone.

So the question remains how do you deal with loneliness?

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