By:Chris Sprad

◦JESUS: So many fathers show their daughters that they love sports, work, hunting, television and their cell phone more than their daughters. I believe that fathers MUST step up to the plate and show their daughters that they love Jesus more than them. That’s right dad! Your daughters must know without a shadow of a doubt (old churchy language) that you love Jesus more than you love your very own flesh and blood. Model this and you will raise daughters that love Jesus more than any hairy legged, non deodorant wearing, and farting boy!!

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ACTIONLESS APPROVAL: Show your daughters that your love and value for them has absolutely nothing to do with their success or doing stuff you approve of!! I do a great job at giving Kylie my approval when she hits the softball, makes good grades, is respectful to adults and tells the non deodorant boys NO! However, I am learning to give Kylie what I call ACTIONLESS APPROVAL. I am learning to intentionally give Kylie love, winks, praise and flowers simply because she is Kylie.

◦GET TO KNOW HER: So many young ladies graduate from High School and their father has never taken the time to truly get to know their heart. Honestly, this is sickening! Stupid! Sinful! Shall I go on? This is from my friend Zane Hatch, he said “It’s so easy for fathers to try and fix our daughters and help them through life, but we need to practice the discipline of simply getting to know her.” I agree! Fathers we must get to know their heart, passions, gifts, loves, hates, friends and hurts. When is the last time you have asked your daughters what their dreams are?

◦LOVE FOR MOMMA: Men, our daughters need to see us to fall deeply in love with their mothers. I need my daughter, Kylie, to see me respect, honor, date, hold, speak life, sacrifice for, serve, dance with, laugh with, cherish, prioritize as well as deeply and intimately love her mother. Fathers, it is our job to show (not just tell) our daughters what a Godly marriage should look like. Men!! Again, it is time for us to step up to the plate! Don’t settle for a lifeless, boring, absent, and sex without intimacy driven marriage. If your marriage is struggling, I encourage you to contact me now! EpicParent has several counseling partnerships we can connect you with.

◦TEA PARTIES, DATES & PEDICURES: One of my daughter’s fondest memories is when dad would give her a pedicure. That’s right! Dad was the one that did his little girls toes. My friend Melissa Gordon’s husband sits down with his daughter and has tea parties. If your daughter is older I encourage all dads to intentionally and strategically date their daughters. All dads should ask their daughters out, open their car door, pull out their chair, have meaningful conversation over dinner and make them pay the bill! (JK) If you want your daughter to date a God honoring, respectful considerate young man (when she is 34) then you should show them what this looks like and how they should behave. So many fathers WANT to do this, but rarely prioritize this. Again!! Step up to the plate.

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