A car shop owner in Plano, TX is offering a discount on the price of an oil change if they can recite the New Testament verse John 3:16. The owner Charlie Whittington said last week the he wants to “Inspire people to look where they can do more.” Of course some people have a problem with this by saying it’s discriminatory to have to pay double the price if they refuse to quote something they don’t believe in.

However, support has been pouring in from all over. He has received calls from people in Oklahoma, Alabama and Florida, all from people supporting his discount idea.

Resident Marshall Wei, who had been to the Kwik Kar on Custer Road in Plano before, was happy to find the coupon hanging on his door last week. Above the promised $19.99 price though, the coupon says customers must quote the New Testament verse John 3:16 to get the deal.

“I think maybe I forgot exactly what it is, and I needed to go look it up online,” Wei said. With the verse in hand, Wei drove to the store and pulled into the garage, but as he waited he started having second thoughts about the offer. “Why should I be compelled to quote something I do not feel comfortable to quote?” he asked.

After a short discussion with a store manager about the verse, he declined to recite it, and ended up paying more than $46 for the service, more than twice what he expected. “I’m paying you,” Wei said. “Why can’t you treat me like others?”

 Store owner Charlie Whittington is standing by what he asking customers to do for a deal. “If I’m standing for what I believe, so be it,” he said. “Bring it on.”

Source: Urban Christian News