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Yesterday Walmart announced that it’s bringing back its layaway payment plan for the holidays! It was five years ago Walmart did away with their layaway and hurt many people, including me!

Walmart’s layaway plan comes back to life beginning Oct. 17th! So all of  my Walmart lovers, we’ll be able to put some stuff to the side and pay for it over time. You know how easy it is to go into Walmart for one thing and come out with ten!

Walmart’s layaway plan will be available until December 16th! And here’s the scoop: you have to put 10% down on your purchase plus pay a $5 service fee; and your purchase must be at least $50!  Walmart said that customers have been asking the company to bring it back and they have finally said yes, at least for a little while!

Walmart said that many customers were relying on credit cards and gift cards to make purchases; which led to their decision to get rid of their layaway back in 2006!

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