Daily Faith-Lift

As I’m shifting to the next level of my Call, these are some of the lessons I’m taking with me:

 1. I must give myself away to God first, then give myself to myself before I give myself  away to others.

 2. “I” teach people how to treat me.

 3. The word “no” is an appropriate answer; without the need of  explanation.

 4. Allow my yeses to be yeses and my noes to be noes.

 5. Don’t make others my priority when I’m only an option to them.

 6. Everybody cannot have a front row seat in my life.

 7. I’m a Christian and if Jesus got away from everything when there was still work to be done so that He could retreat, rest, replenish and renew in the presence of God, who am I to think that the same thing doesn’t apply to me?

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 8. When my time is requested, I must seek God first to see if it’s an “assignment” or an “invitation?” No more “invitation” draining when there is an “assignment” remaining! Everything good may not be good for me; and every good idea is not a God idea. Have a great Labor Day weekend on purpose! Peace and blessings to you all!

Source: The Wings Of Inspiration

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