Its very Intresting how people view you but its even more intresting how people watch you and the company you keep. ” Birds of a feather flock togather ” humm….. really? how true is this?

What is true in most casesis this,  the people that surround us help shape the way we veiw and do things. Prime example if you and two other friends are trying to make a desicion on where to go and they are in agreement to do something you dont want to do you go because thats a choice they made weather you like it or not. Right? Its the same with a negative thinking person that has a negative attude towards what you want to do. Sometime Negative thinking people can destroy your dreames if you let them.   

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This is why its IMPORTANT the we pick and chose our friends wisely through prayer. No matter who or what you are or may become we need good company arround us at all times. so please Keep this Element of Inspiration in mind when deraling with the company that we keep and stay encouraged and blessed!!!

When you step away from negative people you will find more Peace and less Stress. Watch the company you keep. GOD Bless! Bro Marcus

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