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1. Find a quiet place, and lie down or sit comfortably.

2. Tense muscles in one hand, then relax them. Do the same with the rest of that side of your body, tensing and then relaxing each part separately: Forearm, upper arm, shoulder, foot, calf, and thigh. Repeat this on the other side of the body starting again with the hand.

3. Loosen your hip muscles and let a wave of relaxation pass up from your abdomen to your chest.

4. Now let the wave of relaxation continue into your shoulders, neck, jaws and the muscles of your face.

5. Finish the drill by imagining your forehead growing cool; as though you’re telling it to chill.

Practice this drill twice a day, before meals or at least one hour after you eat. With practice, you will soon be able to attain deep muscle relaxation in as little time as two minutes.”

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Source: Dr. John Farquhar, Author “The American Way of Life Need Not Be Hazardous To Your Health”.

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