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The word today is RESTORATION! We want back everything that was taken and everything we gave up that GOD gave us! We want it All Back! Amen!

When I think of being restored or restoration I think of being So Fresh and so Clean,Starting over being given a second chance and having a new lease on life. I truly feel good about how GOD can look at us and understand us yet speak clearly to us in his WORD and say ” for all have sinned and fall Short” yet not give up on us. Now there have been days in my life I’ve really made some bad choices, however GOD never gave up on me. God seems to pull me right back to his side for his purpose because God sees something in us that others don’t see.  God is willing to forgive us when others won’t.

Fred Hammond said it Best ” GIVE ME A CLEAN HEART ” . In order to have a clean heart  we need to be restored so we can truly be so FRESH and So CLEAN! So Lets do what is right NOT because it is right, lets do what is RIGHT because it is BIBLICALY RIGHT!!! Amen

Stay close to GOD and you will be So Fresh and So CLEAN!!!!

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