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Daily Faith-Lift

In Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus teaches us about worry. If you are worrying about something, please keep these 7 things in mind:

1. The same God who created life in you can be trusted with the details of your life.

2. Worrying about the future hampers your efforts today.

3. Worrying is more harmful than helpful.

4. God does not ignore those who depend on Him.

5. Worrying shows lack of faith in and understanding of God.

6. Worrying keeps us from real challenges God wants us to pursue.

7. Living one day at a time keeps us from being consumed with worry.

Remember there is a difference between worry and genuine concern; worry immobilizes but concern moves you to action.

When worry comes knocking on your door, let Matthew 6:25-34 answer for you, and let the worship begin!

Source: The Wings Of Inspiration

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