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We know that traveling can be stressful with all of the pre-planning that’s necessary. Don’t let that empty duffel bag in the corner give you more anxiety. We have put together a packing guide to help you pack light and jump the gun on your summer trip planning!

One important thing to keep in mind when you’re packing is that you will probably have to carry your bag for most of your trip: so, pack light! You want to try to fit as much of your stuff in a small amount of space, so be smart with your folding. I have found that the best way to pack clothing is by rolling it, kind of like a wrap. The clothes get much smaller and you can layer them!

Now we get to the specific essentials. First and foremost, toiletries:

Bag 1: Liquids

Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash


Hand Sanitizer

Sunscreen/Bug Spray (depending on where you’re venturing off to)

Bag 2: Non-Liquids

Hair Brush





Make-up bag

Band-aids (you never know)

It’s always a good idea to divide your toiletries into two bags to avoid the typical “shampoo exploding and ruining everything” disaster. Keep in mind that these should all be travel-sized. You do not want to be carrying around giant bottles of shampoo just to have them taken away at the airport.

Next, the rest of what you need should be relative to where you’re going. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:



Extra Flip-Flops

Map of the area


Lastly, there are always “just in case” items that can impede your packing. So avoid packing these items and make your travel experience more comfortable:

Expensive Jewelery

Too many extra layers


Do you have tips for packing? Fill us in!

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