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Maya Moore was “the” woman on the court at UConn and this young sister became this year’s top WNBA draft pick! Me and my family love to watch Maya’s magic on the court. What’s also so enlightening is to know that girlfriend knows how to get her praise on! In the August issue of “O” magazine, Maya says she loves to warm-up for a game by listening to the upbeat music of Canton Jones! Maya says Canton’s music gets her hype and ready to play every time! So when she’s on the bus going to game, you can always find Maya in her own little world getting her praise on by singing, dancing and praising the Lord!

Other things about Maya Moore:

Best Advice: Take more risks on and off the court! If you over think things, the moment will pass you by.

Best Guilty Pleasure: Red Velvet Cake

Best Mood Booster: Teaching kids to shoot a basketball

Best Wardrobe Staple: A nice black skirt

Best Win: 2010 National Championship against Stanford

 Source: “O” Magazine

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