1. Stay damp, sweating helps keep you cool. Another way to stay cool is to spray yourself with a spray bottle filled with cold water. If you do that and sit in front of a fan, it has a cooling effect just like when you sweat.

    2.Wear proper clothing. Wearing light colors reflects light where dark colors absorb. Lighter colors will keep you cooler. Light fabrics like cotton can breathe and help to keep you cool as well.

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    3. Turn off things that you don’t need that generate heat. Phone chargers don’t need to be plugged in if the phone is not charging. Unplug anything with a clock, not only does it use electricity when turned off, it also generates heat. Computers generate a lot of heat. Shut down your computer if you are not using it. Your microwave has a clock on it. That also generates heat. If your coffee maker has a clock on it, that generates heat as well.

    4. Soak your feet in a baby pool or bucket of water. You can even put a chair next to your tub and soak your feet there. Just having your feet wet will make your entire body feel more comfortable. This works for dogs too!

    5. Freeze bottles full of water. You can use the frozen bottles (plastic bottles only) to hold behind your neck to cool you off. You can also drink them as they start to melt. Remember to put more bottles in the freezer as you are using them so you always have a supply of frozen bottles.

    6. Keep air circulating, draw the blinds. Fans will help cool you off. Even the little hand-held, battery operated fans can have a cooling feeling. There are some little fans that mist you with water, like item number one on this list, to help make you feel cooler.

    7. Eat cool foods instead of cooking. Salads, fresh fruit and cheese are great options for the summer.

    8. Keeping that oven turned off will go a long way to keeping your home cooler.

    9. Run the dishwasher and/or dryer during cooler hours of the day.

    10. Go somewhere cooler. Malls, grocery stores, movie theaters, banks and just about any other business will have air conditioning.



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