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It’s seems to be getting harder and harder for us to balance life and work; which leads to burnout!

 We can still juggle work and our lives, while at the same time devote more to time to the people and things that matter the most!

 Check out ways to bring a little more balance to your daily routine:

 1. Build downtime into your schedule.

 Be sure to schedule “me time” on your calendar, followed by: time your friends, family

and activities that help you recharge!

 2. Drop activities that sap your time or energy.

 If it’s too much to it, don’t do it! Spend time doing things that enhance your life and career, instead of wasting valuable time hanging with people that constantly drain you with negative talk and gossiping. Also, limit the time you spend on the web and social media sites, making personal calls, or checking your bank balance. We often get sucked into these habits that are making us much less efficient without realizing it.

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 3. Rethink your errands.

 Make a list prioritizing your errands and chores to see if you use an extra hand. For example, you may be able to outsource some of your time-consuming household chores. For instance, you could have your groceries delivered or order them online, get a kid on your block to cut your grass, order stamps online to keep from going to the post office, etc. You may discover that the time you’ll save will make it worth it; even if you are on a tight spending plan.

 4. Get moving.

 Experts say that exercising is a great way to boost your energy level, your alertness and your ability to concentrate; in order to accomplish the things on your jam-packed schedule!

 5. Learn to relax and be realistic.

A little relaxation goes a long way. Don’t get overwhelmed by assuming that you need to make big changes to bring more balance to your life. Set realistic goals, like trying to leave the office earlier one night per week. 

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