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  • Constant Channel Changer — You’re always looking for something new, interesting and fulfilling. You are outgoing and ambitious.
  • Muncher — Snacks while watching TV. People around you consider you a good neighbor.
  • Bedtime Viewer — (Watch before going to bed) You don’t take TV too seriously, but use it to unwind after a long day. You probably have either a dynamic or stressful job and use the TV to relax.
  • Fact Seeker — Loves new programs. You are a serious no-nonsense type of person. You use TV to learn and to gather information. Your head, not your heart rules your life.
  • Sit-com or Game Show Junkie — You are warm, sociable and love to be around groups of people. You are likely to be involved with an intramural sport team of some sort; or some kind of a social group that meets on a weekly basis.
  • Continuous Viewer — Watches lots of TV. You have a great need for people and a hunger to be stimulated. You are happiest when you are with family or friends. TV is reassuring to you.
  • The Planner — Plans entire viewing schedule. Good organizer and follow a strict schedule in life. You are a good business person and very thorough in everything you do.

Source: The Complete Sheet

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