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Roland Martin gives an extremely powerful commentary on why people from the church community should absolutely not support Bishop Eddie Long after the recent news of a settlement with the accusers in his sexual scandal.

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4 thoughts on “Why Bishop Eddie Long Should Not Be Supported

  1. With a whole book in the Bible on Judges and we who ( should ) always judge in righteous standards set by God.
    Not hypocritically judging, ”taking the pick out of your brothers eye when you have a tree log in your own”.
    Where are the other so called leaders taking a stance like brother Roland Martin?
    It’s more people ( leaders ) hiding than Eddie Long.
    John 18:20 ( I have spoken openly to the world,” Jesus replied.. I said nothing in secret”.)
    2 Timothy 4:3 itching ears James 3:1 Teachers will be judged more strictly.

  2. When you have a public ministry you have a public life. I truly believe that but my question is my wanting to know the entire details of the man’s life, especially concerning these allelegations, is it because I want to pray for him or have enough information to spread and have more bullets to shoot at the church. Yes I do beleive in honesty but me having more information will profit what?

  3. Anonymous on said:

    New Birth is a progressive church and I think long need to step down as pastor for the churches benefit.

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