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Since so many people are looking to the heavens here  is some music for you to listen to this afternoon. Many of these songs are just uplifting.

If you haven’t heard them take a moment to visit I tunes and download them.  I think everything needs to be  put in prospective. We really are on a journey.

The Supremes “Stone Love When When Diana Ross left to pursue a solo career in 1970 and was replaced by Jean Terrell, at which point the group’s name reverted to The Supremes. After 1972, the lineup changed more frequently; Lynda Laurence, Scherrie Payne, and Susaye Greene all became members of the group during the mid-1970s.

Lyrics: Life is so short / Put the present time at hand/ Aww yeah–and if you’re young at heart/Rise up and take your stand/ And to the man/ On whose shoulder/ The world must depend/ I pray for peace and love–Amen

Oooh–can’t ya feel it–mmm hmm/ Stoned Love/ I tell ya I ain’t got no other/Ahh haa/ Stoned Love/ Aww yeah

Andre Cymone “Dance ElectricAndre Cymone was the childhood friend of Prince and write this song in the 1980’s as an ode to the end of the world. It was looking towards the year 1999 as being the end.

Lyrics: Some on and dance the Dance Electric / We better love each other, it’s almost time 2 go

Don’t – it don’t make U happy / 2 give another someone your own smile/ Dance the dance electric / Never mind your hatred, try a brand new style

Mary Mary “HeavenMary Mary’s ode reminds us of what we look to at  the end.

Lyrics: I gotta get myself :together, cuz I got someplace to go/And I’m praying when I get there,/ I see everyone I know /I wanna go to heaven, I wanna go to heaven, said I wanna go to heaven, I wanna go to heaven, do you wanna Go?

Clark Sisters “I’m Going On“– Commissioned originally recorded this song which reminds us that we  are doing everything with purpose as a follower.

Lyrics:I”m going on in the name of the Lord/ I’m reaching for my goal my eternal life reward/ God is a mighty fortress in the time of storm/ Well, He’ll brighten up your day/ If you would only fast and pray/ When confusion’s all around/ He’ll bring you up on higher ground/ I’m going on in the name of the Lord

Stephanie Mills -“HomeThe song is a great reminder that we are not here forever.

Lyrics: And oh, if youre listening, God, please dont make it hard/ To know if we should believe the things that we see Tell us should we try and stay or should we run away (Should we run away)/ Or will it be better just to let things, let them be, oh

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