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Today’s words of wisdom comes from Black celebrity moms:

“I have a greater purpose for being here. I love making movies but I would give it all up to be with my daughter if I had to because she’s the love of my life,”

– Halle Berry told U.K.’s Daily Mirror (via Essence).

When Is Too Old To Have A Baby

Motherhood is the greatest gift.

Just living in the moment and enjoying it all.

– Jennifer Hudson (via access hollywood)

Alicia Keys Plans To Teach Her Baby About Charity

The twins are the most incredible gift we could ever have imaged.

– Mariah Carey (via

How To Deal With Relationships That Can Affect New Moms And Dads

Motherhood is a profession by itself, just like school teaching and lecturing

– Ida B. Wells Barnett

3 Spiritual Mother’s Day Poems

All good traits and wisdom come from the mother’s side

– Zora Neale Hurston

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