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Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, questioned a Georgia woman after witnesses said they saw her slap her 13-month-old child during a flight, according to police reports. When I read this two things came to mind. The first being: Please let the baby be okay. The second being: God please I hope the Mom isn’t a Black woman. Black women are  constantly generalized as being horrible mothers and the idea that little Black babies need to be saved by White women all over the world a’ la Madonna and Sandra Bullock is spreading.

The flight attendant ultimately secured the child from the parents for the duration of the flight. The baby girl had a black eye, which the parents said was from a dog bite from an uncle’s Great Dane, the report said. Both parents were questioned by police and then released on their own recognizance after medical personnel examined the child for injuries. The family then boarded another flight.

Another passenger told police that they heard slaps, and the mother tell her daughter to “shut up” and that “I didn’t hit you that hard.” The Mother was then asked whether she felt it was acceptable for her to slap a 13 month old and she replied with the classic parental  line “She is my daughter.”

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My question to you is whether it is ever acceptable for another person to interfere in how a stranger is handling their children? In my opinion, I always urge people to interfere if your first mind is urging you to. Or if you sense the child is in danger. The safety of the child comes before insulting the parent. So if you see something which gives you the impression that the child’s well being is in danger then say something. You might ultimately be saving the child’s life.

Alternatively, there are people who would disagree with me vehemently saying that the parent has the right to punish and raise their child as they see fit without others interfering in their affairs. They would also go on to say that the parent is the one that clothes the child, feeds the child, etc so no one else’s opinion matters but their own. They are the responsible for them and can discipline them as they see fit.

Although both opinions have validity to them, I tend to stay grounded in my original opinion. Every day we hear about a child being killed by an abusive parent. At some point, someone saw clues that this child was in danger but chose to mind their own business as not to insult the parents or simply did not want to get involved. Perhaps if more people were more observant of children’s safety less children would remain in abusive homes.

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