“During this time of bereavement folks brought me more cake and chicken than I could imagine! After losing 18 lbs I had fallen off the wagon but I have gotten back on track so let’s learn together……..

Love your Big Girl…..Dezzie”

Indulging once in a while is completely healthy and normal, but it can also cause feelings of guilt and failure. Don’t fret! This is normal. One day or even a couple days of overindulgence will not set you too far back. Follow these steps to help you get back on track and closer to your goal weight.

1 Relax. It is likely that you are freaking out, believing that you will gain all the weight back you worked so hard to lose because you overindulged a little. At the most, you may have gained two pounds, but this could also be water weight from eating too much salt, or the added weight of food in your digestive track still waiting to be expelled.

2 Eat high fiber cereal with skim milk or light soy milk for breakfast. Pick a cereal with 28 grams of fiber per cup and if you choose soy, pick one with added fiber (2-3 grams). This puts around 30 grams of fiber into your belly which will help push out all the junk left in your system from the overindulgence and also help keep you full. This is important because the day after a binge, you will feel hungrier than usual due to elevated blood sugar and a stretched out stomach.

3 Drink lots of green tea and water during the time between breakfast and lunch to help process the fiber from breakfast and flush the bloat out of your system. Munch on celery dipped in hot sauce to fight snack cravings.

4 Have high protein meals for lunch and dinner. Some options are low carb protein shakes, grilled or baked fish, and grilled or baked chicken. Enjoy water or green tea with your meals.

5 Have a high protein 4:00pm snack. Lite cheeses, and carb control yogurt are a couple options. Keep this snack to under 100 calories.

6 Go for a walk and/or do some sit-ups and/or push-ups at home. If you feel motivated to work-out, do so, but don’t over-do it as it could trigger you to binge again.

7 Get 8 hours of sleep. Doctors and health magazines constantly hammer this into your head because fatigue can trigger snacking in an effort to gain energy.8Follow steps One through Seven for another day, or get back on your original healthy eating plan.9Love yourself for caring enough to take care of your body. You only get one

8 Follow steps One through Seven for another day, or get back on your original healthy eating plan.

9 Love yourself for caring enough to take care of you!

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