Elements of Inspiration: Do you allow your children to celebrate Halloween? Why or Why not?

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    Do you allow your children to celebrate Halloween? Why or Why not?
    These are the Thoughts of The Elements of Inspiration / Praise 103.9 Listeners…..
    1. J. Knight:: I don’t have children but if I did I would… I understand that some of the traditions are believed to come from pagan traditions, however a lot of the traditions are also thought to derive from Celtic Christians…. And besides all of that for children in this time period it is just a day to dress up eat candy with friends…. And watch scary movies…I’m gonna use an extremely overused phrase to sum it all up ” it’s not that deep!”
    2. Mack: Of course Halloween was derived from a spiritual remembrance, it was a time of prayer, food and drink and remembering the dead in festivities! Love Halloween and All Saints Day!
    3. Dave: No because I don’t see it in anyway giving God glory
    4. Annette: No …No….No…that is worshipping the devil and all dark side works ..amen. ..smile
    5. Stacy: I don’t celebrate Halloween, because it’s not a real holiday. But I do let my children go out trick or treating dressed in nice happy costumes for the experience. For I dressed up and went trick or treating when I was younger. I was able to go out door to door for candy treats.

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